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Many UCLA faculty experts are available for media interviews. Search by name or expertise, using quotes to separate topics. (Example: "law" "politics") For help contact the Office of Media Relations and Public Outreach.
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Lynn Vavreck

Political scientist Lynn Vavreck on the 2012 presidential campaign. Bio and media contact.

James Gelvin

History professor James Gelvin discusses uprisings in the Middle East. Bio and media contact.

Frank Gilliam

Frank Gilliam, Dean of the UCLA School of Public Affairs, discusses the Latino vote and Republicans. Bio and media contact.

Tim Groeling

Tim Groeling, associate professor of communications studies, discusses the impacts of a divided Congress. Bio and media contact.

Efrain Kristal

Efrain Kristal, professor of comparative literature, discusses the author Mario Vargas Llosa. Faculty bio and media contact.
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Climate change

Climate change

The United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued a report warning that global warming could spiral out of control if the world doesn't cut heat-trapping gas emissions. UCLA has experts.
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